This September, Make Your Marketing Count

Options for A-B Dealers*

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Options for C Dealers*

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Options for D-E Dealers*

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The Difficult Problem We Solve

  • Low showroom traffic
  • Oversaturation of dealer marketing
  • Declining results from traditional sales events
  • Less influence over shoppers’ final decisions

Why it’s Hard to Solve the Problem


  •  Shoppers visit less than 1.4 dealerships
  • They no longer rely on dealerships for information about offers & incentives
  • They’re making decisions before contacting a dealership
  • They aren’t as easily influenced by traditional marketing
  • Dealers lack data on what marketing delivers best results
  • Dealer marketing and sales do not align

Our Solution

  • Identifies current, previous, and conquest customers who are ready to buy now
  • Delivers quick high-impact lift in quality showroom traffic
  • Tracks, tests, and measures marketing
  • Prepares and equips sales team to align with marketing

Key Features

  • Turn Key Program 
  • Response Analysis 
  • Data Analytics 
  • Optimized Marketing Funnel (Fully Automated Marketing, Including Direct Mail, Email, & Landing Pages)
  • BDC Services for Quick & Easy Contacting & Follow-Up
  • On-site Promotion Coordinator
  • J&L University


*Includes Mail, Emails, Email Campaign with Video, Social Media Assets, Email Append, Conquest Names, J&L University, Extraction/Tracking Report, $5,000 Giveaway, Promotion Coordinator, Attending Gifts ($10 Gift Card – 1%), RSVP Gifts ($15 Gift Card – 0.5%) and Inbound Lead Advantage BDC. Sales Tax not included. Price will be adjusted based on number of pieces, form type and the type and number of gifts selected. Data extraction varies based upon the last time the dealer ran with J&L and DMS type. PAP reimbursement is only limited by the amount of PAP funds the dealer currently has available, and can be used to reimburse 100% of the eligible components (all listed with the exception of Promotion Coordinator and Promotional Gifts).

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