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Digital marketing has become the primary form of marketing for almost every business. Our products and solutions have been created through years of experience and knowledge. Our goal is to allow your business to stay ahead of the competition without needing to out-spend them.  In fact, we have done such a good job, Google has selected us as a Premier Partner. 

Stop Wasting Your Money!

Isn’t it about time you had a marketing partner you could trust with your money. A partner who was looking out for your best interests. A partner who actually has answers to questions when you ask the difficult questions. Isn’t it time you out-smart your competition so you don’t have to out-spend them?





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Home Services Specific Strategies


J&L Marketing understands that for many Home Services contractors your business has peaks and valleys throughout the year. Keeping your crews busy during all seasons despite the peaks and valleys is our goal. We will work with you to ensure the leads continue to flow.

Special Offers

Presenting the right offer at the right time to a customer in need is a critical part of your business. We understand and have specific strategies that allow us to achieve this goal.

Dynamic Remarketing

Targeting customers that have already visited your site or others related to the service they are looking for is another way to improve client retention and lead generation.

Customer Match

By uploading your customer data we can create custom campaigns that address the specific needs of active and inactive customers.

Additional Services

The Google Ad Platform has a large portfolio of additional tools and services that enable us to help delivery the best results specific to the needs of the customer we are serving. 

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