Time always seems to fly by when I’m at NADA.

There’s always so much to do and so many people to see – it can be a bit of a whirlwind!

It’s always a great time and the best way to connect with dealers, learn what they need to be doing to sell more cars, and discover the latest trends in the automotive industry.

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But, if you’re missing NADA this year, or you’ve been too busy to sit down and take it all in, don’t worry! I took a moment late last night to sit down and consider the takeaways so far.

These takeaways are my cliff notes to automotive marketing today and in the future.

Here’s the Buzz

NADA buzzwords of the year are as follows:

  • Millennials
  • Digital
  • F&I
  • Customer Experience
  • Women
  • Service Department
  • Reaching Demographics
  • Reaching the LGBT community
  • Sales Leadership
  • Data
  • Data Security

These are hot topics ranging from women in the automotive industry to marketing to millennials.

Dealers want to know how to reach all different audiences, protect their DMS, coach their sales team, develop a better customer experience, advertise online, and sell cars out of their service department.

And, while all that might seem like a lot to learn and adjust to, in reality, each of these “hot topics” are tied to one overarching theme.

Customer-Centric Marketing is the Name of the Game

Customer-centric marketing occurs when a company prioritizes the customer’s needs and desires. It might seem contradictive, but, by prioritizing the needs and expectations of current and potential customers, you will see an increase in sales at your dealership!

The goal of customer-centric marketing is to acquire high-quality customers and keep them by building strong, lasting relationships.

The problem is, many dealerships operate the same way and have done so for years. But, the pendulum has shifted and the status quo is not enough. Dealers who ignore customer-centric marketing are missing out on an opportunity to advance their dealership by doing what their competition won’t do!

What Your Competition Doesn’t Do

They don’t provide your potential customers with the information they need to decide on a vehicle and make a purchase. This makes the customer shopping experience harder – not easier. So, they’re going to sources that make it simple – like the third-party sites and dealerships you so quickly accuse of stealing your customers.

By providing every piece of information that your customer might need to purchase a vehicle in an up-front and simple manner, you will gain more customers. They won’t be drawn to your showroom out of curiosity, they’ll find another dealership or third-party website that will give them the information they want and need.

Customer-Centric Marketing Applies to Every Channel You Use

Customer-centric marketing isn’t just for your marketing channels or your sales team. It can be used wherever your dealership is involved.

Dealers who understand customer-centric marketing know that all of the channels a customer interacts with are critical in making a sale. No one channel is responsible for a sale – all are necessary to give the customers the information they need to purchase a vehicle.

For example, the F&I process is a known detriment to customer satisfaction, but, when you implement customer-centric marketing with an omni-channel approach, you’ll increase customer satisfaction even during the most trying moments of the customer journey.1

Go Ahead, Get a Head Start

Increased customer satisfaction is what happens when you consider what the customer wants and needs throughout every step of their buying journey – even after they’ve chosen a vehicle.

When you choose to center everything you do around what your customers want and need, you’ll get a head start on your competition and you’ll see all the other issues dealers are seeking to fix fall into place before your eyes.

You’ll know that every part of what you, your team, and your marketing does is leading to the final sale and the sales to come.

By providing the information they need across your omni-channel, customer-centric marketing platform, you will engage your customers with information they want through their preferred medium and you’ll sell more cars because of it.

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