There’s a better option at hand, it’s perfectly presented and visibly more profitable. Yet, as business owners and managers, we can still face an inward conflict.

We have to battle F.O.B.O. What is F.O.B.O.? Fear of Better Options.

We absently listen to pitches, resist committing to clearly better options, and are slow to maximize our full potential. We grow comfortable with our system and fail to continuously improve what we get out of the changes we have already implemented. We avoid better options because they can be a major pain in the ass.

Here are the Hard Facts

You’ve heard the expression “everyone hates change”. Unfortunately, we also live in a changing world. Google the word “change” and nearly 3.5 billion results are at your disposal. There are psychological studies on why people hate change1 and “How To”s on adapting to change.2 There are many reasons for this phobia of change, but for a leader it can be less about how the change affects him or her, and more about how change will effect their employees and their business.

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For example, change might give the appearance of failure. As you depart from past versions, it can be easily misunderstood as a negative about the past options rather than a positive about the future options. You might be tempted to fear a better option because your employees see it as a sign that what they were doing wasn’t enough and that they must also change in order to keep their jobs. Incorporating change is a necessary part of business and we can’t grow comfortable with the status quo, but as we incorporate these better options, it might feel like a loss of control, a change from our natural habits, and a season of uncertainty.

Here’s the Good News

The purpose of change within business is to progress! You might hit all the bumps, but as you embrace these better options, you’ll conquer your fears and accept options that will ultimately benefit your business. When the turmoil of change is over, your business will be stronger, more efficient, more effective, and better prepared for the next better option.

Change can be simple or very intricate. It’s up to you! You might experience F.O.B.O. if you consider all the work that can go into just researching a “better option”. You’re busy enough without having to study options to find out if they’re better than the options you’ve already implemented.

The key here is to find clearly better options. When your options are clearly better, then you won’t fear the better option because you know you’ll ultimately get results from it. The results will be worth the efforts.

For example, digital marketing has become a key element in advertising and sales. Because there are roughly 2.32 billion smartphone users worldwide, studies predict that digital marketing will represent 37% of the total ad spending within the U.S. If you’re an automotive dealer and you’re looking to expand your market, you will want to ensure that your digital marketing strategy aligns with the ever-changing best practices of the digital marketing world. If you’re able to find a digital marketing strategy that’s clearly better than any other strategy you currently use or have heard of, then you know it’s worth the effort and you’ll be able to embrace any change that comes with the implementation.

When you know the options in front of you are clearly better options, the fear of better options begins to dwindle. But that’s not all.

In order to eliminate F.O.B.O., you need to start actively pursuing change. I recommend having a process, a plan that will help you implement changes so that your better options are better executed and clearly defined.

1. Keep It Simple

If you’re just beginning to overcome your F.O.B.O., consider options that might take more of the burden off of you and your team instead of options that might add to your load. Use clearly better options that are designed to make your job simpler. Find a plan that works with you to take the burden off of you and your team and get the results you need! These are ways that you can incorporate better options into your business without the added difficulty that a more intricate approach might require.

2. Talk to Your Team

Organizational change is positively affected when team leaders and managers are effectively communicated with.3 Having these conversations and communicating to your team why these options are better and why they’re being implemented is an easy way to ensure that the transition runs smoothly. It will relieve you of much of the burden in the long run. This is not task or an added to-do for your day, it’s a means of accomplishing psychological dominance over F.O.B.O.  

3. Embrace Change

As you have implemented the best options for your dealership, you will see marked results. Making changes that benefit your company will help your processes run smoother and achieve greater results. When you incorporate a better option into your dealership, you will overcome your fears and ultimately sell more cars by expanding your market and increasing traffic, whether it’s to your website or your showroom. Seeing results is an important means of conquering F.O.B.O. As you continue to grow, evolve, and succeed, your F.O.B.O. will evaporate and a thirst for innovation will take its place.

Now, Sell More Cars

In conclusion, as you continue to crush your own hesitations and defeat your Fear of Better Options, you will see the results you desire. You’ll learn to keep things simple, communicate clearly with your team, and how to achieve results through optimizing your potential for growth. You will welcome better options because you’ve learned to avoid the added challenge of growing pains and learning curves. As you choose better options for your company or dealership, you will see more traffic, better marketing and greater sales. Find an option that’s guaranteed for success and pursue it. This process of optimizing performance repetitively ends only when you decide you’ve reached your ideal state.