No matter where your dealership is located, mobile should become part of your marketing strategy. According to the most recent available statistics, nearly 56 percent of consumers use smartphones to shop for vehicles, and another 32 percent use tablets.1 Additionally, 53 percent of mobile users will leave a site that takes longer than three seconds to load.2 Make sure you’re not missing out on potential sales – learn these three ways that mobile has changed (and continues to change) the digital marketing game.

Video Continues to Become More Popular

The average car buyer is visiting fewer and fewer dealerships before purchasing a vehicle, but their time online continues to increase. In fact, vehicle shoppers are spending as much as 60 percent of their shopping time online – and the majority are using mobile devices. Unfortunately, reading long-form content on mobile devices can strain the eyes and irritate the user. That’s why videos are so key to the mobile shopping experience. Videos are far easier when it comes to increasing engagement and establishing a connection with your audience.

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Dealerships can use videos to create mobile-friendly commercials, vehicle walk-throughs, and detailed comparisons between makes and models. You can even create short clips with advice for car buyers and owners.

Video also works well when used with social media. Post a video to your dealership’s Facebook or Twitter account as well as on your blog or website!

Remember – mobile is the key. Fifty percent of video plays occurred on mobile in 2016 and that number is only rising in 2017.

Paid Search and Paid Social Appeal to Mobile Users

Almost 60 percent of searches originate on mobile devices and 53 percent of searches occur across multiple devices.3 If your customers want to know about the latest model of a favorite vehicle or hope to comparison shop for prices, you want your dealership to show up in the search engine results pages (SERPs). A combination of paid searches and paid social campaigns can help fill in the gap between your business and organic SERP rankings.

Paid searches benefit dealerships because they allow your ad to appear above the SERPs, which makes it more visible and prominent. Using location-based tags helps reduce your ad spend and increases your chances of reaching qualified leads in your area. One-third of all mobile searches are related to location!4

Additionally, paid social helps you become more visible on social media. You don’t have to start paid search campaigns on every social media platform; consider choosing two, such as Facebook and Google+, and compare the results over a three-month period. A/B testing can prove extremely instructive when it comes to crafting the ideal advertising campaign.

While paid search and paid social can reach consumers who use desktop and laptop devices, they’re even more instrumental in reaching mobile users. People who use smartphones or tablets have limited attention spans and small screens. Capturing their attention is more difficult if you use only organic marketing methods.

Dealerships Need Call Extensions to Encourage Lead Conversion

While a few consumers send emails to dealerships, most want to speak to a live person. In fact, a high percentage of car buyers make their initial contact with a dealership via the phone – second only to walk-ins.5 Consider incorporating call extensions with your paid search campaign. Users can tap the phone icon to dial your dealership’s number directly. It’s a fast, easy way to get customers to convert without any extra effort on your part or the consumers’. The best part is that all of this comes at no additional cost to you if you are already serving ads via Google AdWords!

Other beneficial extensions include location, message, and price extensions. Mobile searchers want location details (like click for direction), millennials want to communicate via text message, and people with high intent want to know your prices!6

Changing the Digital Marketing Game

Mobile isn’t just the wave of the future — it’s already here. By incorporating these three strategies to reach mobile users you’ll increase your dealership’s return on investment, see more showroom traffic, and sell more cars.

Don’t wait. Start changing your digital marketing game today and see how your mobile viewers respond.