If you’re not taking advantage of this time of the year to increase your showroom traffic and sell more cars, then you’re missing out!

Whether you live in a seasonal area or not, there’s something about March, April, and May that influences vehicle shoppers across the nation to take action, head to a dealership, and buy a vehicle.1

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Maybe it’s because millions of people are getting billions of dollars in tax refunds and they’re choosing to spend that money on a new vehicle.2 Maybe it’s because they’ve saved up since the holidays, it’s a new year, and they’re ready to make a big investment.

Regardless, spring is a key time when shoppers transition into buyers.

But what can you do to influence these transitioning shoppers into your dealership? Shouldn’t you be driving those vehicle shoppers into your dealership before they decide on a vehicle and go to another dealership?

Host a Private Sale Event

Yes. This is absolutely key to taking advantage of the season! If you want to sell more vehicles this spring, you need to host a private sale event – or two. It’s as simple as that.

When you host a private sale event during this season, you will be offering shoppers who are currently in the market a reason to bridge the gap from shopper to buyer.

Over the last several years, Google searches for “Car Sales Near Me” have risen continually from mid-March through the end of May.3

This is huge for dealers. It means shoppers want you to host an event and they want to come! They’re looking to buy a vehicle and they want to find a dealership near them that’s offering the best prices – and they think a sale is the answer to that.

Give them what they want!

Be the Answer They’re Looking For

So, yes, technically the first thing you need to do is decide to host a private sale event, but if you don’t use omni-channel marketing to get the word out, you won’t take advantage of anything. Your private sale event, though it might still generate results, won’t have half the effect it would have with the use of omni-channel marketing.

Remember what I said about Google searches for car sales increasing between March and May? If you’re able to reach these shoppers online, with marketing about the very events they’re looking for, you will be the answer to their search. In fact, they won’t even have to search because you’ll be on their Facebook page, in their mailbox, and in their email inbox!

By meeting shoppers online with omni-channel marketing, you’re allowing them to interact with your dealership at a time and place that’s comfortable to them – proving to them that your dealership is helpful and informative long before they arrive on your lot.

Plus, you’ll be inviting them to the one thing they’ve been needing to continue their car buying journey – a private sale event.

An EY report, “Future of Automotive Retail,” names omni-channel marketing as one of the essential factors for any dealership or related business. According to EY, “offering [a] seamless customer experience” helps make all channels more stable.4

Consistency and transparency have become essential components of any campaign strategy and omni-channel marketing marries the two concepts across all departments, marketing channels, and advertising campaigns.

The perfect omni-channel campaign strategy develops one message that applies across all channels so that the customer experience remains consistent which improves recognition and response.

Don’t overlook your staff in your efforts to create an omni-channel campaign. This type of campaign isn’t just about paid search campaigns and private sales events. Everyone in your dealership should have the same playbook for creating a cohesive customer experience, from the service and sales teams to the IT department and the front desk clerks.

Remember – this won’t materialize overnight! However, if you start bringing together all channels and presenting a cohesive front, you can rise above the competition and win over more customers during this critical season.

Turn Shoppers into Buyers

You can increase your showroom traffic and sell more cars during the spring season! Don’t miss out on these opportunities.

If you’ve done all of the above, you can be confident that your spring marketing campaign will drive shoppers into your showroom – which will, ultimately, result in more vehicles sold.

Shoppers are looking for sales near them and they’re starting now. What are you going to do about it?

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