Floor traffic is at a higher premium today than it’s ever been. So, not only is it important to drive traffic—it’s just as important to capitalize on those opportunities.

Here’s why:

  1. The customer is a more educated and sophisticated buyer.
  2. The customer has more ways to respond.
  3. The definition of traffic has changed – there’s digital and physical traffic that must be considered!
  4. A customer is just a click away from your competing dealership.
  5. The customer is simultaneously talking to multiple dealerships.

Understanding your customers is a must for dealerships to capitalize on all the opportunities generated, but you’re probably already aware of this and have a solid grasp on who your customers are and how they shop.

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 The problem is, finding and educating a sales team on this very information – and making sure your marketing and sales align.

Tips for Aligning Marketing and Sales

1. If your current marketing campaigns aren’t resulting in more website or showroom traffic, then you need to find a solution that gets you the results you need. Your vendors should know the best practices of successful dealerships for any marketing strategy they offer and your sales team should appreciate the details of a successful marketing strategy.

Your goal, as you run marketing campaigns, should be to make sure your sales team understands the importance of your marketing and appreciates each aspect of it.

Does your team understand why you host private sales? Do they understand the campaigns and are they able to articulate each detail to your customers?

Make sure you prep your team and instruct them on the ins and outs of each campaign you run, whether it’s a digital campaign or a private sales event. This way, when your customers visit your lot and ask questions about marketing they’ve seen or received, your sales team will be ready and equipped to handle each inquiry.


2. For your event marketing, make sure you have a detailed plan on how to capitalize on traffic before, during, and after your private sales event, digital campaign, or service clinic.

This is where your sales team also needs to be educated and ready. The more vehicle shoppers generated by a marketing campaign, the more your sales team needs to have a solid understanding of the campaign and its goals so that they can communicate intelligently with your customers.


3. Consider an Accountability Manager. I heard this idea from a dealer in the Northwest. He told me their dealership had plenty of leads and internet traffic, but had struggled to get those customers to the dealership. With an Accountability Manager, their primary responsibility is to track and monitor progress on all leads and traffic sources and to work with the BDC, GSM and sales people to ensure all processes are being followed.


By aligning your marketing to your dealership and instructing your sales team on your marketing, you will streamline your marketing efforts and provide a better customer experience. Your dealership will be better positioned to capitalize on the traffic generated and truly connect with the consumer—and not be overwhelmed as campaigns continue to become more and more sophisticated.