The NADA Show can be a stressful environment if you don’t know what to look for. Everyone is vying for your time and attention. Whether it’s your team, fellow dealers, workshops, or vendors – they all want to be a part of your day.

You’re there to learn, to strategize, and to find new ideas and products. It’s an extremely busy time that’s meant to inform your processes, so you can increase your showroom traffic and sell more cars.

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But, with all these distractions (both welcome and otherwise) vying for your time, it’s difficult to know what to look for and how to prioritize your limited availability. That’s why it’s important to know what to look for and how to use your time before you get to NADA so you know exactly what to do with your time while you’re there.

1. The Right Vendors for Your Marketing

Dealers today have to consider more options and more vendors than ever before. It’s expensive, time consuming, and, at times, even confusing.

As a dealer, you have to consider what’s important to you and your dealership and what channels you should prioritize over others. You also need to know what to look for in a vendor and whether they can really provide you with everything they’re promising.

NADA is the perfect place and time to browse and discover, but how do you narrow down the list? What about the vendors that promise everything? Wouldn’t it be easier to work with just one vendor? Or is it better to work with multiple vendors who specialize in each different channel so you know you’re getting the best marketing across the board?

These are just a few of the questions that arise as you begin to consider new vendors.

The thing is, it’s more expensive and more time consuming to work with a different vendor for each channel. But the vendors that offer to do it all aren’t able to offer the highest quality of service – they can only provide so much. When you go with a one-stop-shop vendor, the convenience of it all is negated by insufficient results.

While you’re at NADA, look for vendors that know their strengths. Look for vendors who can offer more, but don’t over extend themselves. Look for vendors who offer the best products for a few channels.

Ask hard questions and make sure they know how to answer them!

If you find a few vendors who can provide you with better options than one vendor or multiple vendors, then you’ll save money and time, without sacrificing results!

2. Anything that Allows You to Reach Online Shoppers Better than Your Competition

It won’t come as a shock to you that consumers are online. They’re doing as much of their car buying journey as they can on their computers and mobile devices.

This trend is sending dealers around the nation on a desperate journey to increase their digital presence and out-market third-party websites in order to reach the modern vehicle shopper.

But today’s shoppers are smart. They don’t trust the average dealer’s marketing. They continually turn to third-party sites because they want unbiased and transparent information about pricing, incentives, lease terms, trade-in value, etc., etc.

You need to do better. You need a strategy that follows shoppers throughout their journey with offers they want and vehicles they’re interested in.

You need a strategy that offers shoppers all the information they’re looking for about inventory that’s currently on your lot. You need to provide information to shoppers that they can’t find anywhere else.

This NADA, look for a strategy that allows you to reach shoppers before and during their car buying journey with messaging that’s tailored to them. Look for a strategy that can allow you to monitor every step shoppers take as they interact with your inventory – while still allowing shoppers to feel that they’re in control.

3. A Digital Marketing Strategy that will Push People to Your Service Department

The average owner takes their vehicle for service 2.7 times per year, with each visit averaging around 178 dollars.1

But, only 30 percent of these service visits are conducted at a dealership level.2 And, only 17 percent of those visits occur at the dealership where the vehicle was purchased.

Do the math. Automotive News reports that dealerships are missing out on as much as 99 billion dollars’ worth of revenue.

The fact is, more sales and revenue exist in your service department than anywhere else in your dealership! You just have to continue to sell the customer – even after you make the first sale.

Digital influences nearly 60 percent of vehicle purchases at the dealership, and that digital influence is even stronger when it comes to post-purchase service – in fact, nearly 25 percent of all automotive searches are parts, services, and maintenance related.3

In addition, customers have indicated that interactions with a dealer’s service department impacts their likelihood to purchase from that dealership in the future.

This is why you need a digital marketing strategy that will push vehicle owners to your service department.

If you’re able to find the right strategy, you will not only see an increase in revenue from service, but you’ll see an increase in sales over time – because happy service customers make future vehicle buyers.

Don’t Settle for Less

Now, you know what to look for and you’re ready to hit the ground running. You can avoid the overwhelming possibilities that NADA provides and seek out only the most prevalent information from the best vendors.

Don’t settle for less than the best.

By finding vendors who can do more and be better without spreading themselves too thin, you’ll free up your own time and budget to make room for the digital tools and products you need to out-market your competition, increase your showroom traffic, and sell more cars.

See you there…