The NADA Show is your chance to learn about the latest tools, technologies, trends, and more in the automotive industry. The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) hosts this event every year and every year it gets better.

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NADA continually works to represent and further the interests of dealers, like you, and this year is no different. That’s one of the reasons we never miss this event – but there’s a few things we’re especially looking forward to for NADA 2018.

10. The NADA Show 2018 App

I downloaded this two weeks ago – that’s how excited I am.

You are going to have an interactive concierge at your fingertips.1

On this app, you’ll be able to see schedules, speakers, maps, exhibitors, attendees, related social posts, local places, shuttle schedules, and MORE. You won’t get lost, you won’t miss a session, and you’ll be more connected than ever before.

9. The Social Connection Zone

This is an unbiased space for you to get your digital marketing questions answered. It’s not a new addition to NADA, but it is a constantly evolving part of the show that’s meant to allow dealers to learn about social and digital marketing and communication.2

Here you can learn the latest trends in digital marketing and what you should be doing to stay ahead of the status quo.

8. Las Vegas

This year, the NADA Show is in Sin City – the perfect place to work hard and play harder. The show is a great place to learn about the latest trends for dealers and how to best run a dealership, but when we’re done learning, we’re gonna be ready to party!

This city never sleeps – and you might not either. But it will be totally worth it.

7. NADA Lifestyle Experience

If you’re exhausted just thinking about NADA, then the Lifestyle Experience is for you. NADA is providing a relaxing experience for dealers – right in the middle of the show.

They’ll have three pavilions: Excite, Explore, and Relax – all with different experiences to offer.

The Excite pavilion will have a lounge, complete with refreshments and Wi-Fi so you can recharge whenever you feel the need. If you’re hoping for a little more of a VIP experience, you can also enjoy one-on-one makeup and skincare consultations, manicures, and even browse through pop-up stores like World of Jo Malone, Moroccan oil, and more.

The Explore experience will feature “more ways to connect with yourself and try new things”.3 Things like an Exotic Car Virtual Reality Race, Immersion Dome Experience, Numerology readings, Healthy Heart Screenings, and even personalized Tea Blending sessions!

But you’ll probably want to head to the Relax experience where you can “Revive On-Site” with chair and foot massages. The Mindfulness and Meditation Lounge will include mindfulness and meditation sessions – which will hopefully work to clear your head and help further your NADA experience!

6. Nick Saban

Ok. So, this reason isn’t exactly significant to your learning of the latest tools and technologies in the automotive industry, but you will definitely learn valuable insights from Nick Saban!

Why? Well, Saban is one of the greatest coaches of all time – and not just in college football. He knows how to recruit, how to inspire, and how to win.

We are confident that, as a keynote speaker at NADA, Saban will not only be a fun listen and a bucket-list autograph, but he’ll also have some pretty key takeaways for dealers.4

After all, recruiting, inspiring, and winning applies to more than just sports!

5. Robert O’Neill

Speaking of influential and inspiring individuals…You need to hear Robert O’Neill speak. One of this year’s top keynote speakers, he is best known for claiming to have fired the head shots that killed Osama bin Laden.5

He is also a published book author (“The Operator: Firing the Shots that Killed Osama bin Laden and My Years as a SEAL Team Warrior”) and speaker.

 You don’t want to miss this.

4. The Workshops

This is where dealers can go to learn the nitty gritty about important topics that do and will affect dealers across the nation.

Whether you need to learn more about the latest tax reform bill, emerging technologies, or how to avoid lawsuits, these workshops provide real and detailed information that will help you and your dealership(s).6

3. More Digital

If there’s one thing every dealer could use more of, it’s digital engagement. Showrooms are empty because shoppers are online! Dealers have to have a solid digital presence in order to achieve the digital engagement they need – which leads to showroom traffic.

This year, NADA is promising more opportunities for digital engagement than ever and we can’t wait to see what that looks like!7

2. Networking

This is huge. Networking is a huge reason to go to NADA – it’s a major benefit to shows and expositions like NADA and NADA is the best!8

Here you’ll find industry insiders, partners, competitors, and colleagues – you can learn so much and benefit so much from these connections. I cannot express this enough.

1. Our Booth

Ok, this might be biased – but I don’t think so. We are so excited to be at NADA once again! We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been doing over the last year and explain how we can help you win with digital marketing, sell more cars with our proprietary Easy Car Buy landing page, and so much more.

Plus, we’re looking forward to connecting to and learning from dealers like you. We can’t wait to see what topics are important to you and how we can help! Don’t miss NADA and don’t miss our booth – we have some exciting things to offer… and a giveaway or two…