This is the Black Friday Campaign You Need to Win

Capitalize On Consumer Mentality

Consumers have bought into the idea of Black Friday sales. They believe Black Friday is one of the best times to find a deal on a new vehicle and they’re ready to buy.

But, even the biggest sales day of the year can pose problems if you’re not prepared…

Here’s What this Means for You

In fact, data shows that your dealership will be 50-75% busier on Black Friday than on a normal weekend day and 15-20% of all November deals will be secured on Black Friday.

Doesn’t sound bad does it?

Here Are the Obstacles You Might Face

  1. Every dealership will be taking advantage of this day to draw more shoppers to their lot and if you don’t, then you risk losing shoppers on one of the busiest vehicle shopping/buying days of the year.
  2. Without a strategic Black Marketing strategy, it will be impossible for you to differentiate your marketing from your competition.

Here’s How You Can Win this Black Friday

On November 23rd, take advantage of our Black Friday Private Sales Events! This will give you the competitive advantage you need to influence shoppers to your dealership instead of your competition. These events strategically target in-market shoppers at exactly the right moment in their buying journey and engage consumers who don’t respond to normal marketing methods.

Don’t wait.

Your chance to outsell your competition and boost sales before and during Black Friday goes down every minute… and the clock’s ticking.

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