Virtual Sales Events

Get 3X More Leads with Offers No One Else Can Make

  • Low conquest response rate
  • Appeals to shoppers who would have bought regardless
  • Too many gift seekers
  • Oversaturates database with similar offers
  • Prospects would rather research online rather than coming to your dealership
  • Marketing offers haven’t changed, yet the way people shop has
  • Reliant on OEM incentives
  • Exclusive offer which appeals to a large audience
  • A motivating message that doesn’t need a gift or giveaway
  • High conquest success rate
  • Tracks all activity so you can be informed when you reach out
  • Direct Mail
  • Email
  • Landing Pages
  • Facebook, Flyers and Banners
  • Interactive Dashboard that shows you what they’re looking at in real time

Consumers once relied on the OEM or the dealership to give them the information they needed – like price, financing options, monthly incentives and trade-in value.

Over the last 100 years, the dealers and the OEM have had control of all messaging and offers, but that’s changed. The Internet stole this control and consumers began seeking information online that was previously only found at a dealership.

Because of this, dealers were forced to turn their focus towards website optimization and digital marketing, but this change of focus did not solve their problems.

The problem is, dealers never changed their messaging. They changed their marketing to different channels, but they never changed their message based on what consumers look for.

Virtual Sales Events learn from what has worked in the past (and follow the best practices of both consumer and marketing perspectives) and mold that to work for today’s market. Just like all good direct marketing, a successful Virtual Sales Event must be exclusive and believable, and it must include a strong call to action – all while creating an urgency that ensures your prospects won’t want to miss out.

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There’s Nothing Like It

There is no other marketing strategy that allows shoppers to have a vehicle shopping experience like our Virtual Sales Events.

They're unique in that they appeal to shoppers early in their buying journey – while they’re still open to a variety of options and offers them a window into your dealership’s inventory, pricing options, and incentives.

By offering shoppers the information and control they want, you’ll get more online leads and be able to influence more shoppers from online to your showroom than ever before!

Advertise the Way Customers Want to Shop

Our Virtual Sales Events are derived from the success of traditional sales campaigns. And, much like today's Private Sales Events, these Virtual Sales Events have evolved to reach shoppers who won’t respond to traditional marketing strategies.

People respond to the marketing because the offer is exclusive, there’s a believable call-to-action, and it promotes urgency – the same reasons shoppers attend Private Sales Events! They’re afraid of missing out on exclusive deals and they’re motivated to respond because of this.

But now, because the buyers’ journey occurs so much online, shoppers want to find information online that was previously unavailable.

These events allow shoppers easy access to the answers they need to buy a car:

  1. Which Car is Best for Me?
  2. Is it Right for Me?
  3. Can I Afford it?
  4. Where Should I Buy it?
  5. Am I Getting a Deal?
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Convert Web Traffic into Showroom Traffic

On our proprietary Easy Car Buy landing page, shoppers can browse your entire inventory with prices that reflect your current rebates, incentives, and discounts.

They can choose their ideal monthly payment, include their credit tier rating, length of lease they prefer, add a down payment, and more.

Plus, they can add their trade-in, see how much it’s worth, calculate any equity they might have, and see how it lowers the prices of every vehicle in your inventory.

This transparency in inventory and pricing drives traffic to your dealership and ensures that there are no unwelcome surprises for your shoppers as they transition into buyers.

Gain Control & Sell More Cars

You’ll love Virtual Sales Events because they put the power in your hands through a reporting dashboard that can’t be beat.

Most dealers prefer people to visit the dealership because it allows them to control the sales process and handle objections.

They want to walk the lot with the customer and find out if they are interested in new or used, if they plan to finance or lease, what type of vehicle are they interested in, which vehicles they spend the most time looking at, what type of down payment (if any), what credit tier they might think they’re at, if they are willing to trade-in a vehicle, and what are the details of that trade-in, their payoff or equity, etc.

The only way dealers currently feel like they can get all that information is by bringing them in…

Until now.

With our reporting dashboard, you'll be able to follow the customer around your virtual showroom and see exactly what the customer is interested in just as if they were there on the lot.

This Virtual Sales event is a true game-changer for dealers like you. You’ll have the power to reach shoppers with offers they can’t refuse – and you’ll sell more cars because of it.

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