Digital Marketing Solutions Case Study
Digital Marketing Case Study

Private Sale Optimized Marketing Funnel

The optimized marketing funnel is a unique and advanced marketing strategy. It works with data and technology to power customized and consistent messaging for your private sale across all marketing channels.

How The Private Sale Optimized Marketing Funnel Works:

1. We look at behavioral data to identify in-market customers.

2. Once we identify your audience we customize our messaging based on their relationship with your dealership.

3. Depending on if the in-market customers respond or not, we’ll send messaging that’s tailored to their reactions.

4. By personalizing contact and utilizing response-driven marketing, you’ll see real results.

If you don’t want typical results, you can’t use typical solutions. That’s why we’ve created our Optimized Marketing Funnel to contact each customer uniquely and with only the information that’s valuable to them.

That’s why we recommend using our Optimized Marketing Funnel to move in-market customers to your dealership.

Plus, the in-market customers generated by the optimized marketing funnel will be qualified by a virtual Business Development Center (BDC) and an onsite Promotion Coordinator on the day of the private sale. The main benefit is that your sales team will be able to focus on the most qualified customers.

Contact us today and learn how you can utilize the private sale optimized marketing funnel to increase showroom traffic and sell more cars.