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Advanced Paid Search Audience Targeting Strategy

The way that your paid search audiences are shaped and optimized on an ongoing basis will make or break your sales goals. Our advanced paid search audience targeting strategy leverages your data management system (DMS) data to digitally defend your customers against the competition.

Our automotive paid search conquest strategy is based on carefully selected audiences of car shoppers. These car shoppers are precisely targeted with keywords based on their search intent and position in the sales funnel. With this strategy, you’ll digitally attack the competition and take away their market share.

Automotive Paid Search Lead Generation Campaigns

Our paid search campaigns are specifically created with the goal of generating quality car shopper leads. Every campaign will be tailored to digitally attack or defend against the competition. More specifically, each paid search campaign is customized to the low, medium, and high intent levels within the sales funnel. This ensures that you’ll generate leads throughout the entire car buying journey.

VIN Specific Paid Search Campaigns

Target car shoppers with ads that match their specific online searches to your inventory. We’ll leverage your data management system (DMS) data to craft idea ads that compel car shoppers to action. With this advanced tactic, you’ll get more leads and sell more cars.

Advanced Automotive Paid Search Bidding Strategy

Our advanced paid search algorithms are tailored to the automotive industry. Paid search bids will automatically be adjusted based off of car shopper behavior. Bids for your paid search campaigns will be changed based on car shopper demographics, device, day of the week and the time of day. This will ensure that your paid search budget is spent wisely.

Automotive Paid Search Budget Optimization

Our sophisticated paid search technology will automatically adjust your budget. You’ll have peace of mind that your budget is being spent according to your expectations.

Automotive Paid Search Call Tracking

Track the calls of car shoppers interacting with your paid search ads. You’ll be able to see all phone calls made and be able to listen to them on our online paid search reporting dashboard. This absolutely valuable data will allow you to keep your Business Development Center (BDC) in-check and result in more cars being sold.

Paid Search Google Analytics Integration

Integrating your paid search campaigns into Google Analytics is critical to your success. We’ll ensure that your Google Analytics account is fully integrated with your paid search campaigns and that goals are set up. Our team of digital marketing experts will also set up specific audiences that will allow you to use remarketing lists for paid search campaigns.


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