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We Help You Win with LeadGen

Get double to triple your normal response rates and a consistent flow of leads every month.

LeadGen is a Turn-Key marketing strategy that’s designed for car dealers who are looking for a fresh, new marketing approach.

Greet Vehicle Shoppers Early in Their Buying Journey

Shoppers are targeted early – before they’ve made up their minds.

LeadGen works with our proprietary Marketing Funnel, an omni-channel marketing strategy, that engages shoppers with email, direct, mail, Facebook, and Gmail and adjusts our messaging based on recipients’ actions.



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2017-1-20 Loyalty Marketing

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Give Vehicle Shoppers the Answers They Need to Buy a Car

LeadGen works with our Easy Car Buy technology to give vehicle shoppers the answers to the five pieces of information they need to know before purchasing a vehicle:

Which Car is Best for Me?Is it Right for Me?Can I Afford it?Where Should I Buy it?Am I Getting a Deal?

Advertise the Way Your Customers Want to Shop

Customers today communicate with dealers on their terms, when they want to and how they want to.

By offering shoppers valuable information that aligns with what they want to know, you’ll be able to earn their trust and their business.

Increase Traffic

Because LeadGen works with today’s market rather than against it, you’ll see significantly increased response rates and a steady flow of leads each and every month.

This gives you a competitive advantage over other dealerships and drives traffic straight to your showroom.

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