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High Impact LeadGen marketing solutions are for car dealers who are frustrated with defection, their conquest traffic and with the same typical ideas. It’s much more than direct mail, email and social media ads. This strategy addresses the top marketing problems that dealers are experiencing; the reality that car shoppers are only visiting 1.4 dealerships prior to purchase and are not make loyal.

This unique shopping experience pays dividends for car dealers. Not only will you get more leads, our industry-defining online reporting dashboard displays a real-time, 360-degree view of car shoppers interacting with a dealership’s online inventory. A dealership’s BDC/sales staff see the following information prior to interacting with a lead:

Trade-in value/equityPayment range, credit tier, and other financing detailsVehicles viewedTime spent viewing inventory

With this absolutely valuable information at hand, dealers across the country are closing leads at a higher percentage and selling more cars.

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