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Advanced Facebook Audience Targeting Strategy

Facebook advertising is one of the most effective for moving car shoppers into your dealership’s showroom. Our advanced audience strategy maximizes your data management system (DMS) data to digitally defend your customers from deflecting to the competition.

We’ll digitally attack your competition with Facebook ads based on car shopper intent within the sales funnel. This advanced audience strategy will grow your market share. You’ll generate more leads and sell more cars with this strategy tailored to the automotive industry.

VIN Specific Facebook Remarketing

After car shoppers visit your website, our technology will combine their browsing behavior with your data management system (DMS) data to serve VIN specific Facebook ads. This tactic will compel car shoppers to action right before they purchase a vehicle. Plus, you’ll defend these high intent car shoppers form being persuaded by your competitions’ digital ads.

Advanced Automotive Facebook Bidding Strategy

Advanced algorithms will adjust bids to car shoppers’ behaviors. Depending on demographics, device type, day of the week and time of day, your Facebook campaigns’ bids will be maximized for efficiency. By using this advanced tactic, you’ll generate more leads and sell more cars.

Automotive Display Budget Optimization

Have peace of mind that your Facebook budget will be spent as you specified. Our advanced Facebook budget optimization will ensure that overspends don’t occur and that your budget is spent efficiently.

Facebook Advertising Google Analytics Integration

Analyzing your Facebook campaign data in Google Analytics is critical to success. We’ll integrate your Facebook campaigns with Google Analytics so that you can measure success. Plus, this data will be used to shape audiences that can be used for other digital marketing channels. You’ll get more leads and generate more sales with your Facebook campaigns successfully integrated with Google Analytics.

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