J&L NADA Afterparty RSVP
J&L NADA Afterparty RSVP

Turnkey Car Dealership Private Sales

Dealership Interior at a J&L Sales Event

Our thoughtfully designed car dealership Private Sales drive immediate, high-quality traffic to your dealership. This traffic is qualified by a virtual Business Development Center (BDC) and an onsite Promotion Coordinator on the day of the sale. The main benefit is that your sales team will be able to focus on the most qualified customers.

All of the quality traffic is generated by a sophisticated omni-channel campaign. This campaign consists of persuasive direct mail and carefully crafted emails. Plus, digital display ads will zero in on your target market and generate event buzz. It is a potent combination that will give you a competitive edge.

Another key to the success of our Private Sales is our proven conquest strategy. This strategy will intercept customers before the competition even has a chance. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain market share.

Added benefits of our Private Sales include residual Internet traffic and increased customer loyalty. You will also benefit from an influx of pre-owned trade-ins. Our Private Sales truly maximize your return-on-ad-spend.