Digital Marketing Solutions Case Study
Digital Marketing Case Study

Engaging Automotive Social Media

Engaging Social Media

Facebook offers arguably the most sophisticated and effective digital marketing targeting. Our team of social media experts go beyond basic boosted posts and make the most of Facebook’s dark posts to attack the competition. Dark posts don’t place an ad on your page’s timeline, but instead only target customers on Facebook’s news feed. This is a highly effective compliment to the basic Facebook posts that you might already implement on your own.

Target High-Value Customers

Facebook attack campaigns leverage a potent combination of in-market data, behavioral-intent and geo-intent. Ultimately you will spend less money and get more conquest customers in your showroom.

Re-engage Customers Before They Defect

Re-engaging active customers before they deflect is just as important as generating new ones. Our team of social media experts will defend against customer deflection by fighting off the competition. This objective is achieved by deploying remarketing and custom audience list campaigns.

Increase Social Engagement

While dark Facebook posts don’t appear on your page’s timeline, they do generate a significant amount of page likes. These pages likes are a positive side effect that will allow your own basic page posts to reach a broader audience. Over time this will increase your brand equity and prevent your customers from deflecting to the competition.