Digital Marketing Solutions Case Study
Digital Marketing Case Study

Intelligent Automotive PPC

Intelligent Paid Search

Automotive and car dealer pay-per-click (PPC) has been evolving for years. We are on the cutting edge of this evolution. Our automotive paid search solution is designed to attack the competition and defend against their counter attacks. Plus, we take it one step further by customizing paid search campaigns to appeal to your business goals, geo-intent and the customer’s behavioral-intent level.

Dynamic Inventory-Based Car Dealership PPC Campaigns

We attack the competition by using the most technologically advanced dynamic campaigns. These campaigns use your DMS data to automatically generate keywords and text ads. This advanced tactic is designed to increase your quality score and lower your cost-per-click. This means that you will get more qualified leads for less money. Best of all, you will have a key competitive advantage over the competition.

Advanced Attack Paid Search Bidding

Tactical advantages on the digital battlefield are critical to attacking and conquering the competition. We use the most sophisticated bidding algorithms. These bidding algorithms are constantly tweaked by the brightest professionals in automotive PPC. This constant human optimization is peace of mind that we will never “set and forget” your paid search campaigns.

Tactical PPC Call Tracking Optimization

Call Tracking works in four stages. First, a potential new customer performs a search, sees your ad and clicks on it. That takes them to a specific landing page that displays a phone number that uses PPC call tracking. The potential new customer then calls the number, and the call tracking system transfers the call to someone in your business. When the call connects, the system records the keyword they searched that caused them to call. It also records the length of the call and the campaign from which the ad was shown. The reason we record the call is to boost future ad campaigns with the information collected. This will give you a tactical advantage over the competition and help you sell more cars.

Flexible Paid Search Budget Optimization

Our advanced technology will analyze your paid search campaigns and actively allocate budget. This budget is allocated to keywords that have had the most success attacking the competition. Constantly optimizing your budget in this manner will ensure that you are agile on the digital battlefield. The competition won’t be able keep up.