Digital Marketing Solutions Case Study
Digital Marketing Case Study

Conquest Growth Strategy

Powered By LeadGen Technology

study by J&L Marketing revealed that:

  • 1/3 of car buyers in a dealer’s DMS were no longer customers
  • 35 percent of their customers no longer owned the vehicle listed in the DMS
  • The actual retention rate of the average dealership is less than 25 percent

This data reinforces that conquest marketing has never been more important. Yet, as many dealers know, getting a conquest customer to respond to your marketing has never been more difficult… Until now….

Introducing the Conquest Growth Strategy powered by our proprietary LeadGen Technology.

Consumers want information! And identifying exact monthly payments has been difficult for consumers when you factor in:

  • Incentives
  • Trade in values
  • Equity in their current vehicle
  • Down payment amount

But LeadGen technology changes everything! Within seconds, LeadGen technology has conquest customers staring at your entire inventory that is perfectly in line with their ideal monthly payment. The best part is they’ll be amazed that many of the new vehicles have lower payments than their current vehicle!


Once a conquest customer identifies their ideal vehicle and payment, they can:

  • Request a lower payment
  • Schedule a private showing
  • Email their monthly payment offer
  • Print their monthly payment offer

This variety of options moves the customer down the marketing funnel and generates a flood of hot leads.

Contact us today to learn how our conquest growth strategy powered by LeadGen technology will offset your decline in customer retention rate and increase your market share.