Car Dealership Private Sale Events

Private Sale Events

Private Sale Events are proven to generate volumes of qualified traffic in your showroom that will result in a buying frenzy.

These one or two day events powered by a potent combination of direct mail, email and social media are now even more effective because of our integration with Easy Car Buy and our Optimized Marketing Funnel.

This Optimized Marketing Funnel reaches the 98 percent of invitees who won't respond to normal event marketing methods and compels them to action. As a result, our dealers consistently get more leads.

It’s a unique and advanced marketing strategy that uses data and technology to power customized and consistent messaging for your direct marketing campaign across multiple marketing channels.


Get Up-To Double The Leads

For no extra money, we turn people who don’t respond or turn up at events into leads and sales.

Easy Car Buy helps increase leads and sell more cars because it motivates people who were not motivated by our initial event advertisements.

People who couldn't attend your event are now browsing your inventories for up to four times longer than the average customer stays on the average dealer’s website.

There is nothing else like it.

You’ll get more leads, more event traffic, and more follow up traffic.

It’s a true competitive advantage because it creates a better user experience, leads more showroom traffic and sales, and is unique to J&L Marketing. No one else offers this.


Harness Deep Data

We are the best when it comes to identifying in-market shoppers in your DMS.

This is because we look at a longer history of sales transactions and service transactions and combine this information with the 27 years’ worth of marketing data we collect.

We carefully analyze data to determine exactly who we should target with our marketing.

In addition, our conquest marketing approach is more consistent and produces better results because we’re able to supplement lists through research we do with offline and online data.

Because of this, you will get the most advanced data list possible and you’ll see a higher percentage of people who respond, show up, and purchase a vehicle.

Ensure Each Private Sale Event runs Smoothly

Our Promotion Coordinators are on-site to make sure each even runs smoothly and efficiently.

They ask strategic questions in order to motivate customers to buy, they register each customer, and they collect all data for our Response Analysis.

This results in a more organized event.

Maximize Potential Through Preparation

You can maximize the potential of each private sale by preparing 10 to 14 days prior to each event. We provide a step-by-step guide to give you a game plan to follow so that you can sell cars before your event even begins.

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