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Dealers today face a difficult problem. They must compete with oversaturated marketing and commoditized pricing to draw car buyers into their dealership – before these potential customers make up their minds on a different brand or dealership.

Now, there are more marketing channels, tools, and agencies to accomplish this than ever before! The problem is, dealers must choose which channels are best at reaching their target audience and what agencies can deliver the results they promise. Too many agencies will take up too much time, but agencies trying to offer it all will struggle to compete on all channels.

At J&L Marketing, we can’t do it all. And we don’t try. We do what we know we are the best at – and nothing more.

We are the best at Digital Marketing – for both sales and service.

We are the best at Private Sales Events.

We are the best at Private Service Events.

We are the only providers of Virtual Sales Events and they deliver 3X more leads than traditional marketing methods.

We only offer these channels because we consistently outperform our competition with these channels and we continue to innovate our products to ensure that that fact never changes.

By working with us, by choosing J&L Marketing, you will save time, energy, and money – and you will get the best products in the market.

Sales Marketing

Sales Marketing Solutions

Whether you’re considering digital marketing or hoping to find a more traditional sales marketing solution, we have what you need. From Digital Marketing, to Virtual Sales Events, to traditional Private Sales Events, our solutions are proven to deliver results time and time again.

Our digital marketing strategies were created to meet consumers where they’re at and during critical micro-moments. They’re unique because they deliver above average results and include a campaign management strategy that focuses on transparent reporting, fast-paced customization, and constant optimization.

Our Private Sales Events are the best way to influence buyers who are ready to buy now. They deliver a quick, high-impact lift in quality showroom traffic by influencing shoppers who aren’t influenced by tradition marketing methods. In addition, we track, test, and measure every aspect of the marketing in order to continually optimize our events to deliver the best results – time and time again.

These events capitalize on the successful elements of traditional events and combines them with today’s technology and trends. They deliver 3X more leads than traditional sales events because they influence car buyers early in their buying journey and walk with them through each step of it.

Service Marketing Solutions

At J&L Marketing, we believe customer retention and overall revenue uplift begins in the service department – and the data agrees. In fact, dealers lose out on an estimated $5,892,155 each year! That’s why our digital Service Combat Strategy, Service Reminder Campaign, and Private Service Clinics, are all designed to increase customer retention and pay.

Search is the first place drivers turn to when they need information quickly and nearly 25% of all automotive searches are parts, service, and maintenance related. Our Service Combat Strategy allows you to digitally protect your service department and catch vehicle owners online – before they turn to independent shops.

Our Private Service Events are the ultimate customer retention strategy. Data reveals that the interactions customers have with your service department directly influences their future buying decisions. If you want to differentiate your marketing message from the competition, this is the service strategy you need!

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