Digital Marketing Solutions Case Study
Digital Marketing Case Study

Award Winning Automotive Marketing Solutions

Our business is tailoring automotive marketing campaigns that generate quality traffic and conversions. We align your specific business goals to marketing strategies that produce real results. Let us show you how we became the #1 Automotive Marketing agency in the country. Join the 3,000+ automotive clients who have increased their traffic and conversions.

Conquest Growth Strategy

Our campaign motivates conquest customers through direct and digital marketing by leveraging the power of curiosity combined with convenience to the customer. Beyond any traditional marketing, J&L Marketing’s LeadGen Technology drives conquest customers to action which produces daily leads every month!

Private Sale

From design to implementation, the private sale campaign is engineered to generate qualified customers. This is accomplished with targeted, relevant omni-channel messaging and expert campaign management.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing Solutions

Our innovative automotive digital marketing solutions empower you to attack and defend. Deploy our full arsenal of paid search, display and social media campaigns that will generate the most relevant traffic possible.

Full Service Lanes at a Car Dealership

Service Clinic

Our Service Clinics are the most effective way to generate new revenue opportunities. Plus you will prevent customer defections and reactivate lost customers.

Total Dealership Event

What would happen if your showroom is full of motivated buyers, if your service bays have inactive, out-of-warranty and at-risk customers and your showroom is a unique environment / not business as usual? This is the Total Dealership Event.

BMW i3 at a J&L Sales Event

b•Linked® Connection

Our equity-mining tool helps you capitalize on your biggest asset — your customer data. This data is used to target high-equity customers before they even realize they are in the market to buy.