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Dealers rely on marketing for everything from brand awareness to data-to-day sales. They rely on marketing to draw ideal customers into their dealerships so that they can help those customers choose and purchase a vehicle on their lot. Unfortunately, customers today are visiting fewer dealerships before purchasing a vehicle than ever before.

Although 60% of shoppers are open to multiple vehicle options at the beginning of their shopping process, they’re making up their minds about the vehicle they want long before they arrive at a dealership.1 In fact, 38% of car buyers only visit one dealership and 52% of shoppers only test drive one vehicle before making a purchase.

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Car shoppers can be influenced on what vehicle to buy and which dealership to buy from, but they must be influenced and converted long before they visit a dealership. So how can you make your marketing stand out above the competition to increase response rates and drive quality traffic to your showroom?

Consumers demand more

Today’s consumers’ expectations of how you use their data to market to them is much higher than ever before. Dealerships must move beyond tradition personalized marketing campaigns in order to reach consumers early in their shopping process and create a personalized omni-channel marketing campaign that will keep target customers engaged whether they’re looking at a direct mail piece, an email, social media, your landing pages, or their mobile phones. Dealers must ensure their targeted recipient travels through the buyer’s journey quickly and easily by incorporating a personalized customer experience across all marketing channels.2

Consider Amazon

If you’ve ever ordered anything from the world’s largest online retailer, you already know that they’ve created the ultimate customer shopping experience. They make it easy for you to find all the information you want to make a purchase. They include pictures, features, benefits, etc., for the most informative and personal online shopping experience you can find.

They’ve built their entire empire by engaging you with messages that are based on the your shopping behaviors. When you zig, so does Amazon. When you zag, they do too! They have trained you, and every other consumer, not to tolerate a subpar marketing experience.

This is where response-driven marketing comes into play. Much like Amazon’s zig/zag approach, response-driven marketing responds to the consumer’s responses.3 It’s the ultimate personalized marketing campaign.

In order to provide your target customers with the customer experience they expect, you must engage them with more than a personalized greeting and convenient shopping experience. You must respond to their actions in a way that keeps them engaged and encourages them to move further down your marketing funnel.

Rather than sending out “spray and pray” marketing with a generic greeting, response-driven marketing works with data and technology to power customized and responsive messaging across all marketing channels, long before your target customer has had a chance to make up their minds. So whether your target customer responds to your marketing or doesn’t, your response is personalized to their actions, reminding them again and again that you have the right vehicle for them.

There’s a tool for that…

All this might sound nice, but perhaps you’re thinking all this sounds a bit tricky. How do you differentiate between a previous customer who’s done business with you before and an individual who has never been to or even heard of your dealership – across all marketing channels?

You might want to consider using a product that will utilize technology and data to relate directly with each of your potential customers based on his or her relationship with your dealership. We call it our Private Sale Optimized Marketing Funnel. It processes behavioral data to identify in-market customers and customizes your messaging based on their relationship with your dealership. Depending on whether they respond or not, it sends messaging that’s tailored to their reactions. They’ll be contacted with information that’s relevant to them and receive reminder emails, thank-you notes, follow-up calls and more based on how they react to that information.

This way you can incentivize your potential customers throughout the course of their buyer’s journey and into your showroom. The Private Sale Optimized Marketing Funnel will even consider what times of the week and day work best for different channels to produce the highest response rates. By personalizing messaging and utilizing response-driven marketing, you’ll see real results! The Private Sale Optimized Marketing Funnel is designed to contact each customer uniquely and with only the information that’s valuable to them.

From the first point of contact, to your showroom, you can use response-driven marketing to move your previous and potential customers from shopping online to purchasing one of your vehicles. By responding to your target customers’ actions, you’ll create the ultimate personalized marketing campaign that will appeal to your target audience uniquely and convince them to do business with you and only you! By walking your target customers step-by-step and responding to their responses, you’ll see higher response-rates, increased showroom traffic, and you’ll sell more cars!

Loyalty is Dead Infographic
Loyalty is Dead Infographic
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