GM iMR Approved Turnkey Product
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Louisville, Kentucky – 7 March 2017 – J&L Marketing, Inc. announced today that General Motors approved its Conquest Growth Strategy to take part in the iMR Turnkey Program (In-Market Retail). This provides access to co-op funds (iMR funds) with match for participating U.S. dealerships. J&L Marketing will create Conquest Growth Strategies for General Motors’ dealerships beginning March 2017.

The Conquest Growth Strategy will generate new sales opportunities for General Motors’ dealerships. Increasing conquest traffic is a common challenge for automobile dealerships. “These consumers have no prior relationship with the dealership,” says Kirk Stewart, Vice President of National Accounts. “With limited historical data, it’s more difficult for the marketing message to be relevant. The Conquest Growth Strategy is revolutionary. The messaging adjusts to the consumer’s behaviors. It delivers two to three times the typical conquest response rate.”

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Emotions fluctuate significantly when consumers decide what and where to buy their next vehicle. Most people are generally pleased, hopeful and excited with the car buying process. Consumers are more fearful and apprehensive when it’s time to compare the many vehicles and payment options.  Consumers do much of their pricing research online across multiple devices. Determining a monthly payment can be frustrating and inconvenient for consumers. Especially when factoring in incentives, trade in values, trade equity and down payment. It’s more important than ever that dealers be transparent. Consumers want pricing and payment information as early in the process as possible.

The Conquest Growth Strategy includes J&L’s LeadGen technology. LeadGen makes the customer experience less “painful” and more enjoyable. Within seconds, conquest customers shop a dealership’s entire inventory. More Important, they shop the way they want to and it’s quicker and more efficient. In many instances, newer vehicles have lower payments than their current vehicle. This provides a more influential marketing message. It improves the customer experience and leads to an increase in customer satisfaction.

J&L Marketing’s Conquest Growth Strategy offers a valuable market share opportunity for General Motors. It makes a strong statement about General Motors’ commitment to customer satisfaction.

J&L Marketing is a digital and direct marketing company based in Louisville, KY. J&L has specialized in increasing traffic and conversions for the automotive industry since 1991. J&L Marketing has more than 200 employees and representatives throughout the United States.

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