Facebook Live at a Dealership
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A GlobalWebIndex survey revealed that 26 percent of participants expressed interest in receiving live broadcasts by brands. Facebook Live offers the chance to meet this demand by broadcasting your own content live and taking advantage of Facebook’s millions of users. Try these proven ways to use Facebook Live for generating sales.

4 Proven Ways To Win With Facebook Live Click To Tweet

When You Need To Go Live

1. Broadcast Major Events

Modern dealerships often host special events that have nothing to do with sales but can nevertheless boost revenue. You could hold a contest at your dealership, sponsor a local sports team, or even throw parties for loyal customers. Don’t just host the event, however. Live stream it via Facebook Live.

For instance, if you sponsor a local sports team, bring some of your staff to a game and record the footage. Get close-ups of the dealership’s logo on the backs of the jerseys and show your spirit for the home team. Family members who can’t attend games can tune into the broadcast and get exposed to your brand.

2. Celebrate Milestones or Awards

Don’t neglect holidays, milestones, and awards. Celebrate your dealership’s 10th birthday, for instance, or host a new model introduction party. Stream the event footage on Facebook Live to engage followers who don’t come to the dealership. You can easily reach hundreds or even thousands of prospects who might need a new or used car. The more you diversify your automotive marketing solutions, the easier you can generate sales.

3. Stream Sales Promotions

Most dealerships offer several sales promotions each year. Compliment these promotions by live streaming the sale so everyone can get involved. Show the vehicles with the best markdowns and give viewers a number to call or a website to visit if they’re interested.

When you stream sales promotions, you generate both online and offline sales. If a valued customer can’t make it to your dealership during the sale, he or she can get online, talk to a sales rep, and reserve a car on the spot.

4. Produce a Vehicle Tour

Product tours have become a cornerstone of online marketing. Customers want to see product details before they hit the dealership, so use Facebook Live to give prospects a sneak peek at a new car or a tour of the latest model. Highlight the vehicle’s most impressive features and invite viewers to visit the dealership or the online sales department.

Make the vehicle tour as engaging as possible to hold viewer interest. Throw in a few jokes for entertainment, ask the tour host to dress up as your dealership’s mascot, or even announce a giveaway at the end of the broadcast. You might draw names from the people who comment on the broadcast and offer the winner(s) a certain amount of money off their next new car purchase, for example.

Don’t Wait. Go Live Now!

No matter your Facebook Live content, always tell customers how they can buy from your dealership. Provide a link to your contact or sales page, for example, and offer the name of someone in your online sales department so customers can speak directly to that person. You might discover that Facebook Live sales outperform those that take place on your lot.

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