Automotive Direct Marketing Solutions

More than ever, automotive manufacturers and dealers recognize that an effective direct marketing strategy is required in order to build and maintain relationships with their customers. J&L Marketing helps our partners intelligently target and communicate with consumers. Using the power of our proprietary bPrecise analytic program, J&L Marketing has the know-how to understand and predict individual buyers' needs and behaviors to create targeted marketing programs across email, Web, phone and direct mail. We enable our partner's communications to be relevant and drive measurable results.

The intersection of insight with a multi-channel direct marketing strategy can generate truly differentiated marketing programs. At J&L Marketing, we are automotive business growth strategists who are experienced at creating and deploying multi-channel programs that increase a dealer's active customer base, increase the average transaction value and increase the frequency of repurchase. Our rigorous analytic and measurement focus provides our clients with a unique perspective that helps them optimize their marketing budgets.

J&L Marketing's innovative capabilities allow us to address the unique set of challenges that face our automotive clients. These capabilities are designed to deliver quick wins in the short-term while also addressing long-term goals and objectives.